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glue application

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Cylinder glue spreader (PVAc, EVA, PU u.a.)



NL2 is cylinder glue spreader determined for PVAc glue. Machine consists of welded case where are installed power electromotors with gearboxes, glueing cylinders itselves and glue containers. Cylinder drive is provided by 2 pcs of synchronized gearboxes for each cylinder. Cylinders are very accureately mounted in conical hubs. It guarantees quality and uniform adhesive application. Hieght of the material is adjustable in range 0 - 100 mm by handwheel (1 revolution = 0,5 mm stroke). Height indicator accuracy is 0,01 mm. Cylinders and glue containers are easy removeable for quick and comfortable cleaning after work. Power units and control button are placed on the outer side of machine case. Feeding speed is in basic variant fixed at cca 26m/min. Machine can be equipped by frequency driver for controlling feeding speed in range 20 - 34 m/min. Input and output disc or roller conveyor tracks are supplied as an accessory in arbitrary lengths over 2m modules. Glueing width is in standard 270 mm, but it can be modificated according to customer requierments.


Machine length 1 090 mm
Machine width 787 mm
Machine height 1 374 mm
Weight 115 kg
Input material height 0 - 100 mm
Height setting control wheel
Stroke at 1 revolution 0,5 mm
Height indicator punctuality 0,01 mm
Glueing cylinder diameter 170 mm
Glueing cylinder width 340 mm
Rubber hardness 65 - 80 ShA
Feeding speed (without F.D.) 26,6 m / min
Feeding speed (drive by F.D.) 20 - 34 m / min
Power of electromotors 2 x 0,37 kW
Electricity protection IP 54
Voltage 3 x 400 V
Input conveyors cylinder / disc
Output conveyors disc
Conveyors length modules 2 m
Disc diameter 80 mm

  • Conveyor tracks


    You can order input / output conveyor tracks. On th output usually disc, on input also roller. Tracks are module system connecti Dráhy jsou modulového sytému joinable after 2m length. Disc conveyors are submerged in bath with sand suspension which cleans the discd from glue rubbish.